HyperGryph‘s Arknights is one of the most popular mobile games in China and around the globe. Our cg team at Digital Domain Shanghai crafted this cinematic for their game collaboration with Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six: Siege. We brought in iconic characters from both games to reveal an exciting unique storyline for this event.

I directed and supervised this trailer. It was a great experience to work with HyperGryph and our talented cg team.

(The film was originally cut into two sections and released before and after the event.)
Client: Hypergryph
Production: Digital Domain Shanghai

Director & CG Supervisor: Shawn Wang
Producer: Rik Li
Character Concept: Junwen Yu, Alex Muyu
Previz: Nick Yang, Holen Chen, Shawn Wang
Modeling: Wei Guo, Yong Kai, Honglong Jia, Kai Lin, Jie Sun
Texturing / Lookdev: Ying Zhang, Holen Chen, Nick Yang, Lizzy Chen
Rigging:Ken Yu
Character Animation: Shawn Wang
Lighting Lead: Holen Chen
Lighting: Rick Chen, Shawn Wang
FX Lead: Haru Sun
FX:Ken Yu, Linda Ma, Zoey Zhu
Compositing:Brian Guo, Ginesh Gandhi, Tingting Fan, Jiamin Chen
Sound FX: Jifeng Wu
Pipeline / IT Support: Tristen Zhao, Kim Jiang
Special Thanks: Digital Domain Shanghai Team, Meiko Han, Jemery Ye

©2023 Shawn Wang